Stephanie Chocieszynska, N1
I had my first Alexander lesson with Michelle nearly four years ago. I didn’t have (and still don’t) a specific reason for going – I just felt it was something that would benefit me. I soon learned that there are no easy answers to questions about the Technique. It is something you just have to experience.

Having children (I have four) made me appreciate how healthy people generally are when very young. Small children move with natural balance and grace. I noticed that as children grow up they lose this natural poise and adopt their parents' posture. I wanted to try and ensure that I didn’t pass on bad habits to my children.

Since beginning Alexander lessons I have noticed a number of changes. I now feel taller and more upright and feel much more comfortable sitting down. I suffer a lot less from minor aches and pains especially in my feet and lower back. I also feel I have a choice in how I respond to challenging situations rather than reacting immediately with a set response that may not be appropriate or beneficial. I feel more balanced and calm and have more patience with my children. They in turn have responded to this and we now communicate much better.

In general I feel less stressed and tired but able to achieve more and am more open to new opportunities and possibilities. I will definitely carry on learning through Alexander lessons and would recommend them to anyone who feels they might benefit.

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